If you have a small list of clients and you are using Outlook, one of the solutions to follow-up with them is by using the Mail Merge function. The Mail Merge function allows creating personalized mailing labels, envelopes, form letters, catalogs, e-mails, or faxes for mass distribution.

Ever right-clicked in a received email on the From or To email address or name in MS Outlook? If you have smart tags enabled in Outlook then you've seen for sure an annoying menu called Additional Actions that when clicked showed No Additional Actions found. Well, after some research, I was able to find out how to add items to that list.

info.pngA simple search on Google for define crm will display its main definition as customer relationship management. While it sounds interesting, what does it really mean? Well, the expanded definition gives some hints - CRM could be interpreted as a way to manage the relationship you have with your customers (business relationship). While this is a shallow definition of CRM, it points however in the right direction, it's all about the way you do your business so that you gain, keep and maintain a good relation with existing and future customers.

This article shows detalied information on how to create different types of CRM reports from Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager. The CRM reporting functionality is not available in Outlook 2003 if the Business Contact Manager add-in is not installed (it comes part of the Office Professional or Small Business suite).