Social Customer Relationship Management is a tool that is being used by small to large businesses all over the world. Social CRM gathers detailed information from a number of different sources, Twitter and Facebook for example, and then enables the organisation to use that information to drive customer engagement.

Here are 5 ways Social CRM can help your business.

1. Get socializing

Social CRM allows companies to connect with their customers on the customer’s terms, using the customer’s preferred channels of communication. In order to get this connection started you need to implement the correct technology to obtain your customer’s social data - you can do this by updating your online forms and website pages to request your customer’s LinkedIn profiles, Twitter and Facebook usernames.

2. Take advantage of social networking

There’s no point using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on if you are not going to fully take advantage of their capabilities. Start using these applications to monitor customer conversations and relevant mentions of your company and products and then utilize this information to improve your business.

3. Make your customers happy

You should encourage your customers to connect with you and with each other to share stories of great customer experiences, answer questions and identify customer problems that your business needs to address. You will start to understand what’s working and what’s not working, where that bad review came from and how to improve your customer experience. You can use your Social Media capabilities to identify your customers and start responding to their questions and concerns and also to produce ideas for new products or offers. 

4. Cut costs and improve customer relations

Social CRM doesn't involve several staff members looking after your Facebook and Twitter page and answering every customer request. Social CRM tools offer you the ability to integrate social media sites with CRM and knowledge management systems without creating costs.

Social CRM tools capture social media conversations that your customers are having and filter out the noise, analyse the meaning and apply your solution to each interaction By doing this you are taking charge of each query – improving customer relations without creating costs.

5. Increase customer loyalty

All businesses know that customers will be loyal to services that they trust. By using Social CRM you can capture the right information from your clients and effectively analyse the outcome for new ideas on sales and marketing techniques. Not only will you be improving your profits but you will understand and deliver what your customers want.

Businesses have to adapt to new changes and it’s now more important than ever to actually listen to your customers. It has never been as easy to connect directly with customers and engage with them in such an in-depth way. Social CRM has proved that it doesn't just deliver financial benefits to companies but also allows them to learn from their customers and change their businesses for the better.


Will Vicary is a digital marketing specialist whose interests include CRM solutions and online customer experience, as well as online lead generation. He is specifically interested in CRM insurance and cloud technology.