question.pngIn 2007 Google and SalesForce announced a partnership where SalesForce would start offering integration with leads that come from Google Adwords. Principle is simple: lead clicks on a Google Adwords ad, lands on a special setup page that contains a form to capture the lead details and that is sent directly into the SalesForce account where the standard CRM features come in. Advantage of this is that the marketers using this can see exactly how much they paid for the Google Adwords lead, and how much did they gain from converting some of the leads. However, it's interesting to speculate what are the advantages of SalesForce from this partnership.

Siebel CRM On Demand, developed by Oracle (actually initially developed by Siebel but since the whole company was purchased by Oracle we can say that) is a customer relationship management solution that is delivered on demand (meaning is installed as a web service, unlike On premise crm solutions). One powerful feature of Siebel CRM On Demand is the CRM reporting, which allows generating over 250 separate CRM reports to analyze anything froma pipeline visibility to sales effectiveness.

Customer relationship management was known to merchants and vendors for ages. Even during the early days of trade sellers used to offer personalized services to their most profiteering and regular customers. The trend is still alive only with a change in nuance. Earlier, trades were more personal and the buyers and sellers used to know each other in person. But as we progressed, technology came as a barrier in forming direct relationships with customers. For a while organizations relied on email marketing and direct calls to render their services to their clientele.

New procedures, technologies, and services are created every day. Technological advancements make our lives easier. However, staying up-to-date with the increasingly numerous options that become available every day can be complex and confusing. Succeeding in the business world requires having a solid understanding of the most cutting-edge techniques. Let's take a brief look a new advancement helping businesses to streamline their contact management and sales force automation activities: customer relationship management through cloud computing.