The CRM Market Awards are organized early (in 2008 it will be the 7th consecutive year) by the destinationCRM magazine, awards being published in September.

There are different sections for the awards, and quite some winners (last year there were 64 awards given, though some companies received several crm awards - Salesforce is one of them, no surprise here):

  • Influential Leaders (category that awards the leading industry leaders)
  • CRM Hall of Fame (this is awarded to the industry leader who consistently was an influential leader)
  • Rising Stars (industry professionals that bring innovation on niche crm fields)
  • Market Leaders (awards leaders of particular niche markets)
  • The Elite (this award goes actually to the top market leaders)

What to do to be considered for this award? Well if you are doing anything right in the crm field you'll get noticed and considered, though a couple of press releases sent to them from now and then (mentioning some achievements) might speed up things.

Here are the 2007 CRM Market Awards winners: