Infusion Software announced Infusion User Conference 2008, the 3rd annual CRM conference that is organized only for the clients of the Infusion CRM program. The event will have as attendees keynote speakers, Infusion CRM experts that will provide tips and tricks for successfully using Infusion CRM and the clients themselves, which makes a good opportunity for new networking events.

As mentioned on the website specially created for this event (, users that will be attending have the advantage of:

  • Better understanding the guiding principals for running a small business
  • Possibility to talk face-to-face to Infusion Software executives and employees
  • Getting advices on how to optimize the performance of Infusion CRM software
  • Obtaining insight into the newly available (or planned) Infusion CRM features
  • Learning how Infusion CRM fits into new technologies in this field
  • Possibility to visit the Vendor exhibit where partners and sponsors of this conference will have booths
  • Talking in-depth with the in-house Infusion CRM experts
  • Networking with Infusion Software customers, partners, and product gurus
  • Attending an organized dinner and networking night (prizes included)

The conference is scheduled for March 5-7, 2008 at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. More information at: