Microsoft launched the Dynamics Community, that comprises individual crm blogs, crm forums a way to network via the Microsoft Dynamics Connect Beta for Facebook (you can put your business card on Facebook) and also read articles posted by the Microsoft Dynamics team. To promote the Dynamics Community, Microsoft launched a contest, Cash In with Microsoft Dynamics, that ends on June 30, 2008. When you register for the Microsoft Dynamics Community you will be automatically entered to win Bose headphones, a Sony digital camera, a Bose stereo, Tumi luggage, an American Express Gift Cheque, and an all-inclusive trip for two to Las Vegas. The good part is that the contest is open to non-US residents too, and prize drawings are held twice a month starting April 1, 2008 with the grand prize drawing on June 30, 2008. Semi-monthly prizes are awarded by random drawing. The grand prize is awarded to the Dynamics Community member with the most points on June 30, 2008.

The prizes actually started at the Convergence event in Orlando, where there were 6 Microsoft Xbox game platforms given away, 15 Zune players and $10,000 cash in the money booth (via Microsoft Dynamics CRM blog).

And now a website is set up specifically for this Dynamics CRM contest at, according to them:
Now there's an easy way for finance, sales and marketing, and customer service professional to connect online with your peers. Join the FREE Microsoft Dynamics (tm) Community and get a chance to win in the online contest while you collaborate with others, learn best practices, share your successes and stay current with business trends and informational crm articles.

To participate in the contest you have to register with the Dynamics Communities (, and there are four simple steps to register:


For registering you get 1 point, but if you mention in the Refferal section the name Claude, you will get an extra-point. After you're registered go to and enter in the Sign in to Spin the Wheel the username you used when you registered for the Dynamics Community (it's not your name, it's the Screen name that you have to enter in there).


Once you've clicked the Sign in to Spin the Wheel button, a spin wheel will be enabled on the left of the screen and you have to click on CLICK TO SPIN to see what you win (you can win 1 to 10 points, or DOUBLE which doubles the referral points if you have any). The more points you get, the more chances you have to win (after you spin the wheel you'll see a table with the current top point earners). You can spin the wheel only once per day, but if you refer other people to sign in to the Dynamics Communities you'll get an extra point, while the person registering will get an extra point too - so if you sign up for this contest use the referral Claude to get an extra point.


Official rules for getting points. Earn points by registering:

  • You get one point for registering with the Microsoft Dynamics Community
  • You get an additional point for entering a referral code during the registration (use Claude)
  • You get one point each time someone else registers for the Dynamics Community and uses your screen name as their referral code

Earn points by spinning the wheel:

  • You can accumulate even more points every day by spinning the Cash In wheel (once per day)
  • If your spin lands on a number from 1 to 10 you will receive that number of additional points.
  • If your spin lands on Double you'll earn points equivalent to twice the number of your referrals (up to 50 points)

It seems that Microsoft is taking the same approach (geeky gifts) for promoting this like it did with the other communities, but the CRM community is different because there are also high-end people using CRM systems and if they pay millions of dollars for the CRM integration they don't really care about the prizes. But, lucky for them, there are many other lower-level people (like us) using Dynamics CRM too, so we could fill up the communities.