InfoWorld published the winners for the second edition of the BOSSIE awards. This is an annual event where InfoWorld's Test Center editors, analysts and reviewers choose from their nominees the best of the open source world. Over 60 winning open source products where selected from eight categories:

  • Collaboration (mail/calendar, wiki, and social networking)
  • Developer tools (such as AJAX and rich Internet apps, Web service testing tools and version control programs)
  • Enterprise applications (ERP, CRM, BI and reporting)
  • Networking (server monitoring, routing, Wi-Fi scanning, and VoIP software)
  • Platforms and middleware (perating systems, databases, virtualization, and SOA integration)
  • Productivity applications (such as office suites and 3-D modeling programs)
  • Security (firewall, IDS, disk encryption, and security testing)
  • Storage (monitoring and administration, backup, and NAS)

For the second consecutive year, SugarCRM won the BOSSIE award for the Enterprise Applications - Customer Relationship Management category. Considering that SugarCRM competes with other popular open source crm programs such as vTiger, this comes as an acknowledgement that they are on the right path to be strong competitors in the commercial CRM sector too (dominated by Oracle's CRM On Demand, SAP, Salesforce and Dynamics CRM).  This doesn't resume at SugarCRM, the other winners are strong competitors for their commercial counterparts and I'm pretty sure that the success and penetration rate of the open source gives headaches to CEOs of many m-billion companies. As Doug Dineley (InfoWorld's Test Center executive editor) says it:

"Our 60 winners, and the fact that so many categories are hotly contested, are a testament to the tremendous impact that free and open source software is having across the software landscape."

More information about the awards and details on each open source application can be found on InfoWorld here: Best of open source enterprise applications