Convergence 2008Convergence is a CRM event organized by Microsoft to present the latest improvements in Microsoft Dynamics, as well as future directions for the CRM business. Convergence gathers Microsoft Dynamics partners, customers and CRM experts providing a way to discuss the role of Dynamics in satisfying business needs. Convergence 2008 edition was held in Orlando on March 12 and had over 9,600 attendees from 65 countries, which makes it one of the most important crm event (tied to Microsoft Dynamics though). This years' edition was marked by the speech of Steve Ballmer and the announcements made regarding the future direction of Microsoft Dynamics.

Infusion Software announced Infusion User Conference 2008, the 3rd annual CRM conference that is organized only for the clients of the Infusion CRM program. The event will have as attendees keynote speakers, Infusion CRM experts that will provide tips and tricks for successfully using Infusion CRM and the clients themselves, which makes a good opportunity for new networking events.

Intelligent Enterprise, a division of CMP Technology which is owned by United Business Media, published a list of 12 Editors' Choice Awards 2008 winners, as well as 36 other "businesses to watch" for their intelligent solutions. received one crm award and you cannot overlook the smart comparison made by IE editors (read their article for details).

CNET organizes yearly an award program, Webware 100, where users vote for their favorite Web 2.0 apps. Since the 2007 edition had about 480,000 votes, you can consider it quite important.