new.pngSugarCRM, an open source CRM software provider, announced the addition of telephony capabilities on the list of SugarCRM's features. This integration was the result of a collaboration between SugarCRM and Vertico Software, the provider of the STARFACE telecommunications system. STARFACE SugarCRM Connector, will enable the telephony capabilities for all three SugarCRM editions (Sugar Community Edition, Sugar Professional Edition and Sugar Enterprise Edition).

The Starface SugarCRM Connector is targeted (for now) to Europe users. It allows SugarCRM users to call the business contact directly from the detailed contact listing, and while on the phone they can Open the Memo and enter call notes in real-time. It also allows seeing who is calling you (given that the caller's information is recorded in your business contacts list).

Users can access a complete fully functional product bundle, including STARFACE, SugarCRM and the STARFACE SugarCRM Connector through a free trial version at The solution can also be found on SugarCRM’s community collaboration site and on SugarCRM’s marketplace