Oracle just annouced the release of Oracle® VM Templates. These templates allow deploying a fully configured Oracle CRM software platform by providing pre-installed and pre-configured images of the CRM On Demand software. The templates are very useful especially for large organizations where the costs for installation and configration of Siebel CRM On Demand are high - by using the Oracle VM Templates, administrators simply copy the images from the server (with Oracle VM installed) and use them to have a fully installed and configured Oracle environment. This beats the hell out of installing CRM On Demand from scratch.

The Oracle® VM Templates for Siebel CRM On Demand include:

  • Oracle Database 11g configured with the Siebel 8 schema
  • Oracle Mid-Tier VM Template

To download the CRM templates:

  • Go to
  • Enter your Name, Company, Email, Country (all mandatory), agree to the Terms for Enterprise Linux and Export Restrictions and click Continue
  • In the Media Pack Search section select Oracle VM Templates and x86 32 bit as a Platform and click Go
  • Next you will see the page where the Oracle VM Templates are listed and you can download them


Details about the recently released CRM templates: