is a web-based storage service that allows businesses to share, manage and access their content online (documents, media and other files). Today they've announced integration with Salesforce CRM, which means that Salesforce users will be able to use all their content on within the Salesforce CRM platform.

Salesforce CRM has a large user base which most likely will benefit from this integration, however this will incur additional costs. usually charges $15/user/month for a business account, and most likely these costs are the same for Salesforce CRM users (or maybe they offer a discount, haven't been able to find that information yet, but I know for sure that the amount they can store is unlimited). announced today a major integration with If you're not familiar with, they offer a web-based service that makes it simple for businesses to share, manage and access their content - documents, media and other files - online.
They launched an integration with, allowing Salesforce CRM customers to share, manage and access all the files they have on Box within Salesforce. In addition, they are offering unlimited cloud storage exclusively for Salesforce CRM customers, giving them complete freedom to store large presentations, training videos, product datasheets, customer agreements, contracts and all their files and share them easily, all within the Salesforce CRM interface.

Here's a link to to some screenshots and a demo video of the integration, which will hopefully give you a better idea of how it all works:

If you want to check out a quick video overview of Box, here's a link to a video on our YouTube channel:

Also, here's a link to thei blog post on the integration by CEO/Co-founder, Aaron Levie:

Ultimately, this is a major first step in our mission to connect business users to their content on other web-based business platforms. Today, they're bringing that to CRM, but there are a lot of great use cases and needs for this in HR, finance, ERP and other department-specific software on the web. A lot of great work has been done in creating robust services in the cloud - and an idea is that the next phase is connecting these services in the cloud in a meaningful way. And they hope to be a leading force behind that.