Borneosoft CRM just launched BorneoBlog, a tool for marketing professionals. Communicating your products and services is absolutely essential for your business's success. Borneosoft Blog allows you to discover the powerful possibilities blogging offers your business. It can impact your bottom line and it can bring in customers and affect mindshare.

Visibility is very important in marketing. Making people aware of your products and services has to be done effectively and efficiently. Blogging will help you to create a global message to which individual customer will respond. It allows you to share your products features, functions and benefits to your customers or would be customers. From their comments you can gather feedback and make sure that your product offering meet the needs of your customers.
Borneosoft Blog (BorneoBlog) is easy to use and is part of our offering without extra cost.

BorneoBlog supports rich text editing of your blog. You can publish it immediately or you can publish it at certain date and time. You can allow comment to be entered by viewer and you can also limit the number of days the comment is allowed to be entered. All comments are moderated. You can easily approve the comments, delete them or flag the comments as spams.
To make your blog more expressive, BorneoBlog allows you to upload media files such images or podcasts. You can easily add the media files into your blog.

BorneoBlog also tells you where your weblog's hits are coming each day. BorneoBlog also makes it easy to maintain a blogroll, that is, a list of your favorite weblogs and web sites that is displayed in the sidebar of your weblog. BorneoBlog includes support for podcasting, a way to distribute files through your weblog's newsfeed. Feed is also supported. A feed is an XML representation of the most recent entries, comments or other data. Folks can subscribe to your feed to be alerted of new weblog entries and comments posted. BorneoBlog supports both RSS and Atom formats for feeds. You can read more about BorneoBlog here -