iContact is an online email marketing software developed by the iContact Corporation that allows following up with your customers by sending emails, surveys or autoresponders, as well as tracking the sends, opens and click-throughs. Our iContact review led us to the conclusion that it is one of the best online email marketing software, if we consider the price/features ratio and the number of increasing clients it gained since the launch of this service. The best thing about iContact is the fact that it offers a free trial, which is the ultimate guarantee that you can review iContact and see if it fits your needs before signing up for their email marketing services.

Workbooks is a UK-based CRM company, founded in 2007, with an emphasis on providing online, cloud-based CRM software for businesses. Their main competitor is Salesforce (SFDC), whose offering they aim to top by delivering data consolidation and integration, as well as a lower cost outlay.