LoopFuse OneView is a complete CRM suite available as a CRM On-Demand solution (hosted on loopfuse.net) or as a CRM On-Premise solution installed on your organization's server. LoopFuse OneView enables companies to manage marketing campaigns, increase sales and analyze business performance.

LoopFuse OneView On-Demand is available through their hosted offering (SaaS), for a monthly per-user fee (pricing information is available only by contacting them), while the On-Premise suite is available for large companies.

LoopFuse OneView main features:

  • Web Analytics - provides accurate statistics covering a wide-range of metrics.
  • Marketing Campaigns management - marketing campaign manager gives control over: email marketing, internet marketing, "traditional" marketing. It also allows calculating the ROI for each marketing campaign.
  • Lead Management - LoopFuse OneView stores leads data in a dedicated database that can be further segmented and exported eventually to another CRM program.
  • CRM Integration - LoopFuse integrates with other CRM suites by allowing you to export the CRM data, or only parts of it (for instance you could only export segmented lists of leads to assign them to specific sales professionals).
  • Lead Analysis and Scoring - you can analyze the progress of a possible client from the initial status of lead, throughout the process of being routed to a specific sales professional, until they possibly become clients. Leads Scoring is done automatically depending on specific rules.

They offer a 30-day trial version for LoopFuse OneView On-Demand that is fully-functional - you can integrate web analytics into your website, integrate your CRM solution with it or create and send email campaigns.

More info: loopfuse.com