Constant Contact is an online contact management service with options to follow-up with your contacts via an email newsletter, promotion, event invitation, or to send them online surveys - an easy way to connect with your possible (or existing) customers and find out what you could do to improve their experience with your company.

Some of Constant Contact's main features:

  • Email Personalization option (you can define what name/address/email to use for sending the emails as it is mandatory to include in each email your complete address - CAN SPAM act - email has to be verified before using it through Constant Contact)
  • Option to Preview emails and send test emails to a designated address
  • Spell check (12 languages) and anti-spam check (based on spam rules)
  • Option to schedule the delivery of the email (send immediatelly, or set up to send at specific dates/times)
  • Possibility to choose from over 200 email newsletter templates
  • Option to use your own HTML code for the email template
  • It generates automatically text versions (you don't have to define a HTML and a text version, only HTML will suffice)
  • You can integrate PayPal click-to-buy option (uses the PayPal api)
  • Option to set up Amazon ASIN promotion
  • Possibility to import a list of contacts (automatic from a .csv file, or manual copy/paste list of emails - email addresses that you add are not checked for validity by sending a confirmation email)
  • Microsoft® Outlook® & Outlook Express® Quick Import plug-in
  • Insert visitor sign-up form option (only one sign-up form per account, which is a problem if you have more than one website)
  • Create up to 15 custom fields with information saved from contacts
  • Bounces are processed automatically
  • List can be segmented based on filters
  • "Do not mail" list with users that will never receive an email again from you
  • Host up to 5 images free (premium image hosting is paid separately)
  • Open & Click tracking
  • Sent email archive (hosted by Constant Contact)
  • SafeUnsubscribe management with Unsubscribe comments box
  • "Send page to a friend" link, "Refer a Friend" banner
  • Free phone, email, chat support

Pricing information (contact their online website for updated pricing):

List Size

Monthly Fee

Email Marketing

  Survey   Bundle
0-500 $15 $15 $22.50
501-2,500 $30 $30 $45.00
2,501-5,000 $50 $50 $75.00
5,001-10,000 $75 $75 $112.50
10,001-25,000 $150 $150 $225.00
25,000+ Call for Special Pricing
Prepay Options   Standard Prepay   Nonprofit/Education
6 Month Prepay 10% Discount 20% Discount
12 Month Prepay 15% Discount 30% Discount

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Constant Contact

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