Free CRM is a CRM software solution developed by CRM ASP. It is a web based customer relationship management software solution (with some items for sales force automation). Free CRM can be used for contact management, lead tracking, sales pipeline management and forecasting.

Since CRM ASP also offers a paid version, they have the following limitations in the Free CRM version:

  • Shows Banner advertisement
  • No Uptime Guarantee
  • No support
  • Limited data storage (10MB document storage)
  • No Encryption
  • No synchronize features with Outlook/Palm
  • NO MS Office integration (mail-merge)
  • No Email capabilities (cannot create mail-merge)

Their paid solution is $15/month/user (the free solution has unlimited users support). Main features of the Free CRM software:

  • Calendar activities. You can add activities in the online calendar (day/week/month views).
  • Company groups. You can define companies and organizations that have multiple addresses, custom fields, and even tie customers, vendors, partners and prospects as part of this organizational tracking and contact system.
  • Contact management. You can create data cards for your customers, vendors or other individuals (that can later be associated with companies and organizations). You can import contacts from other existing PIM managers (like Outlook, Act!, Gold Mine,, Siebel).
  • Deals management. Deals are opportunities (tasks) that you can define to do lead tracking and lead follow-up. You can set statuses for the deals so that you can track better if a possible customer received a quote for instance.
  • Task management. Tasks are not as complex as the deals (to which you can assign products, have documents attached and other linked items) and they should be used mainly to give an idea of the amount of time that you are spending trying to close deals for instance, or simply as an organizational item.
  • Case management. Used to solve support requests from customers, vendors or partners. Uses a virtual help desk system for handling the support tickets.
  • Call automation. You can create call scripts and assign them to team members, enable call logging, all part of a powerful call scripting and automation system
  • Email system. Free CRM offers email integration and mailing list features (define pop3 email accounts, create email campaigns).
  • Document management. Documents can be stored and shared with your other team members (10Mb storage limitation for Free CRM).
  • Form creation. You can create question and answer scripts, surveys, or other data collection pages for sales or support staff that they can distribute to clients through a URL.
  • Generate Reports. Free CRM has real time reporting and analytics features to track and analyze your campaigns.

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Free CRM

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