PostBooks is an open source ERP business system for small and medium businesses. It has modules for accounting and CRM and also runs on multiple platforms (Linux, Mac, Windows). At its core PostBooks is based on the commercial OpenMFG ERP Suite (one of the editions of xTuple ERP). One of the best things about PostBooks (beside the fact that is open source aka free) is that it's translated in several languages thus its accounting module has multi-currency and tax structures support. PostBooks is licensed under CPAL, an OSI-certified Common Public Attribution License.

PostBooks (uses PostgreSQL and Qt framework for C++) includes the following modules:

  • Accounting - module used for financial reporting, general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, bank reconciliation
  • Sales - used to create quotes, add order entries, create sales reports, shipping management
  • CRM - used to store contact information in the address book, managing incidents and opportunitie, creating to-do lists and project management
  • Purchasing - add/modify purchase orders, creating vendor reports
  • Product Definition - defining items and bills of materials
  • Inventory - advanced warehouse features with multiple location management
  • Light Manufacturing - create work orders and make-to-orders
  • OpenRPT open source report writer - used to create different crm reports

PostBooks is available in a multi-language format, some of the languages supported being: French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified, Arabic, Russian and of course English.

PostBooks screenshot

Pricing: Free