vtiger CRM is an Open Source CRM software for small and medium businesses. vtiger CRM uses open source technologies such as Apache, MySQL, PHP (and other open source projects) to provide a powerful multi-platform CRM solution (works on Linux and Windows).

vtiger CRM provides the CRM features that other commercial programs sell for thousands of dollars, such as: sales force automation, customer support & service, marketing automation (with support for e-mail campaigns), inventory management (with product customization module), security management, and of course contact management and task scheduling.

The power of vtiger CRM softwarecomes from the fact that its installation doesn't require advanced technical skills, even if it needs an Apache environment (with PHP support) and MySql database setup, because these are integrated within the main installer.

Another powerful feature vtiger CRM provides is the usage of add-ons. This way you can install an Outlook or Word , or if you are using Thunderbird as an email client you can download and install a Thunderbird Extension for it that allows communication with the vtiger CRM software.

Main features vtiger CRM offers:

  • Sales Force Automation - With support for lead management, contact management and opportunity management (used to send different sales quotes).
  • Customer Support - You can set up support ticketing systems or define a knowledge base (online).
  • Marketing Automation - Manage your marketing campaigns, set up mass mailings using mail merge templates (customizable email templates supported too).
  • Inventory Management - You can set up a Products catalog and manage the purchase orders, invoices and sales orders. Also you can manage different vendors that have products listed.
  • Activity Management- You can set up To-do's, meetings, calls, events, notes, or share your calendar with co-workers (all recorded in an Activity History section)
  • Add-ons- You can install an Email Client or download integration plugins for Outlook, Word or Thunderbird. Additionally you can set up a customer portal.
  • CRM reports- You can generate customizable CRM reports or using the existing 20 pre-built CRM reports, which can be structured into report folders.
  • Product Customization - You can customize the products in your inventory using custom list views, different currencies or up to 10 different custom fields.
  • Security Management - You can set up different groups with access control based on their level, set up profiles, roles and manage users.



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