Heap CRM is a customer relationship management application with modules like messaging, calendars and contacts. You can create reports on this data, or export the data, all in a web based interface that lets you administrate your customer relationships.

Heap CRM provides a web interface organized in several tabs at the top (Dashboard, Messages, Calendar, People, Lead, Opportunity, Customer, Archive, Reports, Users, Settings, Help), with additional options to the right.

Some interesting features that Heap CRM offers:

  • Works via email too - you can create messages, events, leads, opportunities and customers all by sending an email. It can work in reverse too, meaning if you need some information you send it an email and the search results will be emailed back to you. Heap CRM also allows sending emails (personalized emails based on templates) to specific leads or customers.
  • Social CRM features - can be loaded into iGoogle as a Heap CRM Google Gadget, has a Vista sidebar gadget (for recent messages, recent items or upcoming events) and allows setting up useful links to services like Jott. Its calendar is actually a live feed and this is why it can be loaded into Apple iCal, Thunderbird, Outlook 2007 or other calendar programs that support live feeds.

Heap CRM targets mainly small businesses, this is why it doesn't offer the infinite number of features SalesForce offers nor it emphasizes the restrictions you can add for your users. Of course it has the basic features that you need from a CRM application (contact, leads, opportunities management, creating CRM reports, email marketing) but its advantage comes from the approach on adding events via emails (sort of like jott but with emails instead of voicemails) and the social CRM features.

Workplace screenshot:


Heap CRM has a 31 day trial. Pricing starts at $9 for the first user and $5 for each additional user. There is no commitment to continue subscribing any longer then you wish. You pay month to month, you can cancel at any time.

More info: heap.wbpsystems.com