Siebel CRM On Demand is currently developed by Oracle, and as the name suggests it is an on-demand crm solution, meaning it will be accessed via the browser as a web service (web based crm solution). Siebel CRM On Demand allows you to perform sales management, customer service and management or to create/administrate your marketing campaigns. Latest version available is version 14, though Siebel CRM On Deman version 15 is right around the corner.

This web based CRM solution is one of the most popular and as they say it they're #1 in CRM with 4.6 million live users (for 5000 customers) vailable in 27 languages over 145 countries. Though the standard installation package comes with multiple tabs, it all depends on your company's administrator on which tabs are available to you, so some tabs mentioned here might be from your setup. Main features of Siebel CRM on Demand:

Calendar and activities - You can use the Calendar page to review, create, and update activities (tasks that need to be accomplished before a specific date).

Campaigns - Campaigns are used create, update and track .... well campaigns (vehicles or projects that are used to send a marketing message to customers or leads)

Leads - The Leads tab is used to create, update and evaluate leads (persons that have indicated an interest for your products or services).

Accounts - Tab used for creating, updating and tracking accounts (companies that you do business with).

Contacts - Use the Contact tab to create, update and track contacts (individuals that your company currently conducts business with)

Opportunities - Use the Opportunity tab to create, update and track opportunities (potential sales deals).

Forecasts - Use the Forecast tab to review, adjust, and submit forecasts (a saved snapshot of revenues over time).

Service Requests - Tab used to record, track, and address customer requests for information or assistance.

Solutions - Tab used to create, update, and track solutions (information about how to resolve a customer problem).

Communications - Communication tab together with the Communication Tools and Voice Controls sections in the Action bar allow managing customer interactions such as phone calls, voicemail messages and emails.

MedEd - Tab used to plan and track medical education events (e.g. a simple lunch-and-learn session in a physician's office or a seminar series or national sales meeting).

Funds - Tab used to create, update and track funds (marketing development funds, co-op funds, trade promotion funds).

Households - Use the Households tab to create, update and track household records (households allows contacts to be grouped together and their related information to be rolled up from the contacts linked to the household).

Vehicles - Use the Vehicles tab to create, update and track vehicles.

Dealers - Use the Dealers home pages to create, update and track dealer records.

Reports - Use the Reports tab to create over 250 types of crm reports.

Main page screenshot:

Sieble CRM on Demand

Pricing: Pricing starts at $70/user per month
Free trial: You can get a 30-day free trial of Siebel CRM on Demand but only after completing the form at