Infusion CRM is a web based CRM system developed by Infusion Software and targeting small and medium businesses. Infusion CRM offers features that help you automate an entire business process, starting with marketing and sales support, product billing, lead follow-up, and much more.

Unlike other hosted CRM solutions, Infusion CRM also offers and integrated shopping cart that allows you to track and process orders. This is an interesting addition given that you can track closely customers or possible customers and see what they purchased (and when they purchased), what marketing campaigns were they part of, analyze their behavior on your website and many other tracking options that will give you the advantage of knowing how to approach them.

Infusion CRM hosts your CRM data in secured centers protected by firewalls, encrypts your data, backs it up nightly, and has a secondary back-up facility.

Main features of Infusion CRM:

  • Marketing Automation. You can create and manage multi-step marketing campaigns that include emailing, direct mailing, fax, and voice broadcasts.
  • Sales Force Automation. You can automate the process of converting leads into customers by setting up up sales teams and distribute leads automatically so that you can be sure that your leads are being followed up with.
  • Email Management. You can create and manage broadcasts and auto-responders that are delivered through an Email Deliverability Assurance program so that you have an increased email deliverability ratio.
  • Contact Management. You can manage prospect/customer information and also track emails, faxes, appointments, tasks and phone correspondence with them.
  • Affiliate Programs. Infusion CRM offers an Affiliate Resource Center that allows your affiliates to view referrals and commissions, set up tracking links and basically manage the partner resources.
  • Shopping Cart and Offline Ordering. Infusion CRM offers a shopping cart system that allows you to process sales and also track customer behavior. The shopping cart comes with up-sell, cross-sell, specials, pay plans and also allows you to use custom html templates.
  • Billing and Accounting. You can create sales and accounting reports (or custom CRM reports) to better manage the financial information. Infusion CRM also allows you to set up notifications for failed credit cards and lets you export orders into csv format that can be integrated with 3rd party accounting programs.

Pricing: Initial set up is around $5,000 with monthly fees starting at $300/month
More info: Infusion CRM