Developed by Soleran LLC, eSalesTrack is a web based CRM solution which offers tools for automating sales, marketing, customer support in a collaboration-friendly environment. Through the features it offers, eSalesTrack is suitable for small to medium businesses that need a web-based customer relationship management solution.

As a SaaS solution (software as a service) eSalesTrack doesn't require a download and installation, since you are accessing it through the web browser as all the information is hosted by eSalesTrack. The main advantage of this is easy deployment, as all your employees could access the CRM platform via the browser. On the other hand, accessing eSalesTrack requires constant Internet connection, so if your network is down then there's a problem (eSalesTrack also has a Data Migration module that allows exporting the information in a format that could be imported into Excel for instance - plus, there's an offline edition that allows MS Outlook integration). eSalesTrack is made up of modules and is enhanced by open source add-ons.

The main features of eSalesTrack CRM:

  • Sales Force Automation - You can manage customer information and keep a history of communication exchanged with your customers or other team members, generate CRM reports to see which contacts you need to follow-up with, schedule meetings and events, all through these modules: Account Management, Contact Management, Opportunity Management, Product Management, Quota Management, Product Catalogs Creation, Custom Status Reporting, Sales Document Storage, Event Calendaring, Task Management, Partner Tracking, Sales Pipeline Visibility and Sales Process Guide.
  • Marketing Automation - The marketing automation tools offered by eSalesTrack let you to create and run online and offline marketing campaigns targeted to the right leads. Reporting and analytics tools offer you statistics about each marketing campaign, and also let you analyze what worked and what didn't in the campaigns you ran. This is done through modules such as: Sales Forecasting, Territory Management, Lead Routing, Lead Assignment
  • Campaign Management - Each campaign alows realtime data collection and on-demand data analysis, specifically useful if you need to change the marketing strategy depending on particular responses.
  • Customer Service Management - Once a lead became your customer you need to offer support services, and managing that can be a pain if you don't have the right tools. eSalesTrack stores customer accounts with detailed information that let you see the customer service history and customer activity history. You can perform searches based on tags that were initially applied to the customer, as well as sharing the customer data across your organization. eSalesTrack integrates with Outlook and offers mobile/wireless tools, that lets your team access important customer account information even if they're not in the office.
  • Sales/Marketing Analytics - A marketing campaign without analytics is like asking a blind man how a picture looks. You need to analyze and re-analyze every trackable aspect of the campaign, in order to know what needs to be fine-tunned and what works best. eSalesTrack offers modules suitable for this task, such as Activity Management, Sales Territory Management, Business Task Management, Sales Forecasting, Pipeline Visibility, Sales Analytics and Customization Analytics.

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Pricing: $40/user/month (they seem to be on the expensive side)
Demo: A free 30 day trial available at
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