OmnipriseCRM is web-based software designed for organizations to make the most of sales opportunities and manage customer relationships.

OmnipriseCRM is available as a cloud or server based solution, allowing the customer to choose the most efficient and cost effective method for their CRM deployment. OmnipriseCRM is a member of the OmnipriseERP Software Solutions Suite providing the ability to easily add Financial, Human Resources, Order Management, Purchasing, Supply Chain and/or Manufacturing functionality as needed.

OmnipriseCRM, at its core is a web based solution designed for ease of use. Point and click navigation, the ease of entering annoying “administrative data” thanks to OmniComplete fields, and auto generated field values from default settings makes life easier and completing sales quicker for sales professionals. These features provide for easier end user training and a smoother implementation. OmnipriseCRM pricing model provides for 3 different plans allowing business to add advanced options as needed based on a per user, per month cost.

  • Customer Manager - provides the core for maintaining a repository of your customer’s valuable information.
    - Robust customer overview page providing at a touch access to all customer activity including Opportunities, Trouble Tickets and Follow Ups.
    - General Information and Address pages provide a simple yet powerful interface for users to enter important customer information.
    - Contact List allows users to associate existing contacts to a customer or create new contacts on the fly.
    - Customer Contracts provide a single repository for storing and accessing contracts with customers.
    - Activity Log lets users easily add, edit and search for any activity related to the customer.
    - Never again forget a meeting with a customer. Follow Ups lets the user schedule single or reoccurring follow ups with the option of system, email or text messages notifying the user of the scheduled follow-up.
    - Prospect Manager allows business to separate prospective customers vs. actual customers. When a customer has been signed, OmnipriseCRM provides allows the user to easily transition a prospective to an actual customer.
  • Contact Manager - allows users to enter and track their contacts. Contacts can be associated with an existing Customer, can be shared and can optionally be synced with outlook (Requires OmniSync).
  • Opportunity Manager - lets business track all opportunities with customers or prospective customers integrating customizable Sales Stages, Opportunity Ratings and Competitor Tracking.
  • Follow-up Manager – allows users to make important meetings and deadlines with customizable notification setup including system alerts, emails and text messages.
  • Contracts – When the deal is closed, make sure you are keeping track of those important contracts, with the ability to associate the contract to a customer and internal employee.
  • Tech Services – Customers are bound to have problems and the ability to enter and manage the associated problems ensures customer satisfaction. OmnipriseCRM Tech Services provides a customer interface allowing the customer to log in and enter their own trouble tickets or an in-house technician can enter the trouble ticket for the customer.
  • Omniprise Today Dashboard – provides a customizable 360 degree view of all aspects of the Customer Cycle through the use of customizable widgets. Widgets are created through the Corporate Performance module and can be graphical, tables or html displaying information on demand to the end user. “In 2 clicks of the mouse, drill down from a 30,000ft overview of the sales pipeline down to the specifics about a single sales opportunity.”
  • Human Resources and My Organizer – allows users to be created to access OmnipriseCRM and manage their personal information as needed.
  • iPhone and iPad App – included with all packages at no cost.

OmnipriseCRM provides this and a whole lot more. Packages start out at $75 dollars per user for the Standard package, $95 dollars per user for the Advanced Package and $115 for the Premium Package which includes the OmniDrive Document Repository.


For more information or to schedule your online demo: OmnipriseCRM.