Free CRM is a CRM software solution developed by CRM ASP. It is a web based customer relationship management software solution (with some items for sales force automation). Free CRM can be used for contact management, lead tracking, sales pipeline management and forecasting.

icontact-logo.png iContact, the large email marketing solution provider, released a free edition on April 12th, 2011. This isn't an unexpected move, considering that some of their large competitors started doing that, what's however surprising is the fact that you are allowed to add up to 500 subscribers and email them for free without paying anything. To me that seems a lot of contacts, and this is obviously targeted for active people/small businesses. To use the free iContact edition you just need to visit their website and sign-up (no credit card information necessary).

PostBooks is an open source ERP business system for small and medium businesses. It has modules for accounting and CRM and also runs on multiple platforms (Linux, Mac, Windows). At its core PostBooks is based on the commercial OpenMFG ERP Suite (one of the editions of xTuple ERP). One of the best things about PostBooks (beside the fact that is open source aka free) is that it's translated in several languages thus its accounting module has multi-currency and tax structures support. PostBooks is licensed under CPAL, an OSI-certified Common Public Attribution License.

Developed by Soleran LLC, eSalesTrack is a web based CRM solution which offers tools for automating sales, marketing, customer support in a collaboration-friendly environment. Through the features it offers, eSalesTrack is suitable for small to medium businesses that need a web-based customer relationship management solution.