Actually the first two videos are related to cockpit resource management, while the last video is somehow crm related only from that cockpit word you have to remove some letters as they're managing something - result is the same, team work always pays off.

A funny video showing how Robert DeNiro understands and applies customer relationship management. He's acting as a car salesman and he just has a particular way to treat customers that simply don't want to purchase the car. Who wouldn't buy from him?

So how would it be to work for the customer complaints department at YouTube? Well it shouldn't be that difficult because everybody loves YouTube, right? This is a video created by adifferentview, which shows what would be like (in his opinion, it's not an official video though) on the first day as a support person for the customer complaints department.

Some calls may be recorded or monitored for training purposes, and thank God they're monitored so we could have a laugh at this. I don't know if I want to be that British Telecom guy that rings and wants to sell something. This is how cold calling should be handled, I mean don't you wish sometime you could just start cursing the same way as the customer below does?