Building your customer list with Opt-In Marketing, a CRM video tutorial presented by Jan Peterson from that explains what are the opt-in forms and how to use them effectively to gather targeted valuable possible customer information - the first step in creating a strong business partnership relation.


Key ideas presented in this customer list building video tutorial:

  • if you have the traffic you need to capture the visitor's attention, less than 50% of businesses know how to do this well
  • think of your website as of a grocery store, with shelves and products on each side, but you need to guide the visitor to where the products he's looking for is. To do that first you have to know what they are looking for, and the best way to do that is to ask them.
  • the good news is that you can have opt-in forms on any page of your website, and this way possible customers can reach you fast by typing their details and sending them. It's important how you create your opt-0in box to get the maximum number of people to sign up and then knowing how to manage their information to maximize the business relationship you create with them - another way of saying how to generate profit from your possible customer list
  • an opt-in box is a form you place on a web page to collect important information from your visitors (if they decide to give that) like their email address for future follow-up
  • people would gladly give their email address if they can get something valuable in place, like information from your website or a discount
  • you might want to have different opt-in forms on different topic pages, so that you know more details about what your visitors were looking for
  • the biggest mistakes companies do when trying to gather customer information is that: they don't know how to do this effectively on their websites, they don't know what to do with their customer list once they developed it, and they don't have a dedicated staff person who is knowledgeable about how to nurture their list and generate profits from it