This video is from the Conversion University by Google Analytics. Tom Leung presents Google Website Optimizer as a solution for Optimizing Customer Experiences.

This video presents some methods on how to improve the customer experience by using tests, set up through google website optimizer. Some of the ideas presented in this video are mentioned below. Tests are necessary as simply buying clicks and reading the statistics is not enough because:

  • acquiring and analyzing traffic alone is a bit like looking only in the rear view mirror
  • marketers are smart but we aren't fortune tellers
  • even highly paid expert opinions can be wrong, sometimes horribly wrong
  • content that worked last month can become stale next month

If you don't test you decide on site design either based on what your boss thinks is better, or either based on how your designer considers works, but your customers never tell you which version they liked or didn't like and made them move away from your site.

To be successful you must evolve with continuous improvement

  1. drive the right traffic to your site
  2. measure and analyze site activity
  3. test changes and implement winner methods
  4. repeat #1-3 until conversion rate increases

Google tools that help you:

  • Google adwords (to drive traffic to your site)
  • Google analytics (to measure the traffic to your site)
  • Google website optimizer (to test different methods)

To think on the changes you can make ask yourself these questions:

  • make the page shorter or provide more information?
  • provide testimonials touting satisfaction or features?
  • emphasize free trial or money back guarantee?
  • show image of the product or image of someone using it?
  • use shiny beveled buttons or inline forms?
  • offer bundles or promote individual offers?
  • show comparative check list or latest features?
  • make 2 longer step sign up pages or 5 short ones?

Setting up experiment pages with Google website optimizer:

  • add tags to experiment pages
  • follow tagging instructions
  • create variations instantly
  • spot what customers like better
  • locate hot zones (what changes actually bring the most improvement)

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