So how would it be to work for the customer complaints department at YouTube? Well it shouldn't be that difficult because everybody loves YouTube, right? This is a video created by adifferentview, which shows what would be like (in his opinion, it's not an official video though) on the first day as a support person for the customer complaints department.

First day on the job at the customer complaints department. You get the job requirements from YouTube:

You are now part of one of the fastest growing cultural experiences in the World! Remember 3 things when fielding customer compaints:

  1. Remain Calm and Voice Empathy
  2. Log all conversations for our technical support.
  3. Have fun!

Which is what the guy actually did, well at least at first. All seems perfect, given that you receive a telephone from a nice lady (?) saying how she appreciates what you do. Well but after 7 hours of customer complaints this guy goes crazy (although he seems very calm at the end, some medicine help maybe). If half of this happens in the real life too, then being a support technician is not the most fun job.