Wanda Sykes picks her car up to discover a nasty "present" on the back sit when she gets home and the guy on the phone doesn't want to come and solve the problem personally.

A funny (funny for us not for the parts involved) video showing how a Comcast technician was trying to replace a cable modem. Actually before starting the actual repair he had a few deep thoughts, deeep thoughts. Watch the A Comcast Technician Sleeping on my Couch Youtube movie below.

Imagine this, you get all over your inhibitions and enter a sex shop to buy a little present for you (or your wife), with the purpose of being as "invisible" as possible. You buy whatever you came in for and rush back out, only to be photographed, interviewed, congratulated, all because supposedly you are the 1000000th sex shop customer. Prank pulled by Trigger Happy TV.


This video is from the Conversion University by Google Analytics. Tom Leung presents Google Website Optimizer as a solution for Optimizing Customer Experiences.