While this is hard to believe it's a real customer support conversation, it still gives quite some laughs just because of this. However, if it's even remotely true then it's a little embarrassing this level of customer support someone would provide. How would you feel calling to ask about a computer you've seen in an advert and beside the barely understandable language used you also get to be called a "little girl" for not buying a computer simply because it doesn't come with speakers - other expressions used in this video that are hilarious: "The future is going to cost more money; I can believable, only for a little speakers; Free CD... boner; Nooo floppy dry, you want to add the three and half floppy dry?"


A 46 minute video where presenter Avinash Kaushik, Senior Manger for Web Research and Analytics at Intuit, talks about Customer Centric Web Decision Making. This was filmed during Google TechTalks on July 24, 2006. Google TechTalks are designed to disseminate a wide spectrum of views on topics including Current Affairs, Science, Medicine, Engineering, Business, Humanities, Law, Entertainment and the Arts.

Building your customer list with Opt-In Marketing, a CRM video tutorial presented by Jan Peterson from GetWebResultsToday.com that explains what are the opt-in forms and how to use them effectively to gather targeted valuable possible customer information - the first step in creating a strong business partnership relation.